Are you ready to feel the burn?! If so, try a Fitness Plex body pump workout class. Combining high repetition with low weight gives you the ideal workout for calorie burning, fat-busting, and muscle building. Touted as one of the most effective workouts for toning, you’ll look and feel fantastic after a Fitness Plex body pump fitness class!

Body Pump Group Exercise Class

What to Expect in a Body Pump Class

Body pump is traditionally an hour-long choreographed class that focuses on high repetition of weight and resistance training moves. You’ll use low weight with anywhere from 500-1000 repetitions of a mix of exercises. It is a full-body barbell routine that engages a wide range of muscles to enhance your strength and endurance. Most often, body pump workouts focus on legs, chest, shoulders, back, and core strength-building. What about cardio, you ask? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of that too! These classes are fast-paced and high-energy workouts that get your heart pumping just as much as any cardio workout.

Body pump exercise incorporates a variety of lifting exercises such as squats, lunges, deadrows, clean and press, press pullover combos, reverse curls, bicep curls, and much more. If you haven’t lifted much, don’t worry! Our instructors demonstrate every move with the proper form, making a body pump class easy to learn and follow. Body pump classes are fantastic for every age and ability level, from beginners to weight-lifting experts.

Body Pump Benefits

When you incorporate body pump classes into your workout routine, you’ll soon discover the many benefits of this full-body workout. It’s a motivating and fun group exercise class designed to break the monotony of your current workout program. Each choreographed class is unique but utilizes the same basic lifts so that you’ll feel engaged and motivated without being confused. The group setting encourages you to push to the max and have fun while doing so!

Fitness enthusiasts who have added body pump into their routines rave about the results. Body pump results often show quickly with weight loss. A full body pump workout offers a burn of upwards of 500 calories. With that fat minimized and neutralized, you’ll be able to build lean and toned muscles resulting in a shaped body. This is accomplished by targeting specific muscle groups and body parts with high reps and low weight. Rather than building clunky and bulky muscles, you’ll tone, lean, and shape out your muscles. With a strengthened core and increased overall muscle tone, you’ll also discover improved posture and flexibility. These improvements to your muscle mass and endurance assist you in your general fitness, sports and hobbies, and create an overall healthier version of yourself!

Body Pump Classes Near Me

When you’re ready to increase your fitness and overall health, a Fitness Plex body pump is the way to go! It’s an easy way to have a blast while shaping and toning, as well as burning a ton of fat. Our instructors consistently integrate new moves and change up sequences of familiar routines to ensure you’re motivated and having fun in this group workout class. It’s time to take your workout to the next level and a body pump workout at Fitness Plex is just the way to do so!

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