Personal Health

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans has a gym membership? That means you’re in good company when you join Fitness Plex. Why do people have gym memberships? Statistics indicate that maintaining a regular fitness routine helps overall health in a variety of ways. When you choose to join Fitness Plex, you’ll gain all the health advantages your body needs and more! 

Working out at Fitness Plex gives people of any age some fantastic health benefits including:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Weight loss
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Stress reduction
  • Muscle building and toning
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Lower incidence of depression

Let’s talk GYM HEALTH FACTS! If you have a gym membership you are more likely to have:

  • Lower resting heart rates
  • Higher cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Smaller waist size
  • Higher activity levels
  • Longer life span (especially when your physical activity is a social experience)

A fun final stat: meeting your fitness goal is 14 times more likely when you have a gym membership! Join Fitness Plex today and improve your health!

Personal Trainers Near Me

One of the most proven methods to unlock the fitness results you want is one-on-one personal training sessions. At Fitness Plex, our experienced trainers work with you to determine your goals, train with you using the wide range of equipment at our facility, and assist you with maintaining healthy habits that improve your overall fitness and health. Whether your goal is strength-building, sports-specific training, to lose weight, or to simply to be held more accountable for your fitness routine, our trainers help you reach success! You’ll stay encouraged, motivated, and most importantly, see results! 

The benefits of personal training sessions are far-reaching and you’ll love the accountability and expertise that come by utilizing the services of a personal trainer at Fitness Plex. With our gym personal training services, you’ll have access to:

fitness gym near me
  • One-on-one instruction, starting with an initial consultation with personal trainers
  • Goal-specific programs designed just for you
  • Customized training routines
  • Variety of workouts and new workout trends
  • Proper form and technique instruction 
  • Progress tracking and measurement
  • Instruction on using Fitness Plex equipment 
  • Sports-specific training
  • Senior fitness personal training
  • Youth fitness personal training 
  • Pay-per-session Personal Training or a Personal Training Package for multiple sessions

Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Put your health first and work with Fitness Plex to meet your weight goals! Whether you are looking to add muscle and strength or seeking to lose weight, our gym membership can help you accomplish it! 

The benefits of maintaining the proper weight for your body are many, including the prevention of many health issues such as heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and cholesterol, stress-related illness, and certain kinds of cancers, to name a few. In fact, people who have gym memberships are 40% less likely to be obese. What’s the most effective and fun way to maintain weight? A consistent exercise routine! 

Blood Pressure Screening

Fact: Those with gym memberships are 50% less likely to have an elevated resting heart rate than those without memberships.

Your health routine should include screening for hypertension (high blood pressure). Being able to consistently monitor and check your BP (blood pressure) is something you’ll gain with a membership at Fitness Plex. Our Outpatient Physical Therapy unit is here to help you track your heart health on a regular basis! 

Why is BP screening important? High blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease and stroke and usually you won’t see any symptoms. This means you won’t be able to tell if you’re experiencing blood pressure problems without testing for it regularly. Yet going to the doctor for this can be time-consuming and expensive. Rather than going to your doctor, simply stop by Fitness Plex, get a complete blood pressure screening and get your workout in as well! Our goal is to offer health support that makes it easy for you to live your best life! 

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