Get into the groove while getting one of the best workouts of your life! Welcome to the most invigorating, fun fitness classes you’ll experience at Fitness Plex! Hip-hop dance workouts offer a blast of cardio along with muscle strengthening and core work all in the rhythm of a hip-hop dance class.

Hip-Hop Fitness Classes

What to Expect From a Hip-Hop Aerobics Class

What is a hip-hop dance workout?
Hip-hop aerobics is similar to a usual gym cardio class with a lot of fun added flair! Just as with usual aerobics classes, you’ll start out with a slower warm-up to get your blood flowing, your muscles warm, and your rhythm moving on point. Once the core part of the class begins, you’ll have a blast adding your own creative touch to hip-hop moves that the instructors demonstrate and teach. These classes are fast-paced, invigorating, and most of all fun!

Is hip-hop a good workout?
What makes hip-hop fitness classes so effective is the fast-paced beat and performance of moves in rapid succession. These classes focus on aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so you’ll reap the benefits of a cardio workout along with building strength and endurance. If you’re looking for a fat-burning workout, hip-hop classes do that too. Each class burns upwards of 400 calories, so you’ll dance the weight away. After participating in hip-hop classes regularly, you’ll also enjoy increased flexibility, core strength, and balance.

How do you learn hip-hop aerobics?
Practice, practice, practice! Come to a Fitness Plex hip-hop dance workout class regularly enough and you’ll be able to quickly learn the basic moves utilized in class. For the most part, our hip-hop fitness classes use different variations and sequences of the same basic moves, which means that once you get them down, you’re good to go! Our instructors are always willing to review moves before or after class and you can always practice in front of the mirror at home too! Fitness Plex workouts are designed as hip-hop fitness classes for beginners and hip-hop pros alike!

What are the popular steps of a hip-hop dance workout?
Our instructors intermittently add (and teach) brand new hip-hop moves into the workout routine so that you’ll never take the same class twice. With that being said, there are many tried-and-true hip-hop moves that you’ll do during classes regularly. These include traditional hip-hop dance moves such as body rolls, windmills, chest pops, tutting, body popping, six-step, break-dancing style moves, krumping, gliding, arm waves, and more! Don’t recognize any of these moves? Don’t worry! Our instructors plan workouts that are easy to teach, pick up, and follow. Moves can always be modified to accommodate injuries or other impairments.

Hip-Hop Exercise Classes Florence, MS

When it comes to finding a consistent, engaging way to get your workouts in, hip-hop workout classes are a hidden gem. Rather than slogging through a tired, old routine, give yourself the gift of a hip-hop exercise routine at Fitness Plex! Our instructors tie in popular, familiar steps to get your heart pumping while incorporating new dance moves to keep the workout fresh. Come by Fitness Plex today and get a great workout with a little groove in it. You’re sure to have a blast!

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