Do you need physical therapy? We do that too! Located right here in The Fitness Plex is a top rated physical therapy facility. Stop by Florence Rehabilitation Center today and discover how we can help you!

Anyone who has suffered an injury, illness, or chronic pain knows the importance of physical therapy. This type of medical treatment helps patients recover by strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, and increasing range of motion while also relieving pain and preventing further injury. For these reasons, physical therapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation process from any surgery, injury, or illness.

If you are recovering from an injury or illness, be sure to ask your doctor about our top rated physical therapy at Florence Rehabilitation Center. You may find that it is just the thing you need to get back on your feet and we have just the team to help you get there! Let’s start by exploring answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about physical therapy.

Best Physical Therapy Near Florence MS

The question most people ask is, “where is the best physical therapy near me?” We’re glad you asked! When it’s time to consider where to get physical therapy, choose experience! Florence Rehabilitation Center has proudly served residents in Florence, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Our practice is located inside The Fitness Plex, providing one convenient location where you can complete all your physical therapy and then move on to maintaining your health at the gym. This is one of the best transition experiences, ensuring you return safely to activities such as work or sports. Our qualified and experienced physical therapists in Florence MS provide the most current treatment for professional athletes, division one athletes, high school athletes, weekend warriors, employees injured on the job, those suffering from chronic pain, or anyone recovering from joint replacements!

Benefits of Physical Therapy

How can physical therapy help me? Physical therapy can help to reduce pain, improve mobility and range of motion, increase strength and endurance, and improve balance and coordination. While rehabilitation is often used to help people recover from surgery or injuries, outpatient physical therapy can also be beneficial for those who have chronic conditions or other physical problems. For example, physical therapy can help people with arthritis by decreasing pain and increasing range of motion or assist those who have had a stroke by improving mobility and increasing strength. Those who have had a heart attack can improve cardiovascular endurance and decrease the risk of future heart attacks with rehabilitation.

What Does Physical Therapy Treat?

  • Sports injuries
  • Vertigo
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pain syndromes
  • Surgery or trauma recovery
  • Lymphedema
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Headaches
  • Stroke
  • Age-related medical concerns
  • Pain or injury pretty much anywhere in the body, including shoulder, spine, hand, knee, neck, pelvic floor, hand, back, ankle, wrist, joints, etc.
  • Much more!

Common Physical Therapy Treatments

What can I expect at a physical therapy appointment? There are a variety of techniques and methods utilized in physical therapy. Some of the most common we use at Florence Rehabilitation Center are:

HIVAMAT: This is one of the best physical therapy options for a variety of ailments or injuries. This method of physical therapy uses deep oscillation to send electrostatic waves through your body and muscles. It feels like a gentle kneading of your body and it works by deeply healing your muscles, lymph vessels, and tissues, and by stimulating blood movement.

Stretches and exercises: FRC excels at teaching you strategies and skills you can use yourself after our sessions have ended. We develop and design treatment plans that show you proper form for stretches, workouts, weights, balance activities, and other skills that are specific to your physical ailment or injury.

Massage: Yes, massages may be relaxing but in physical therapy, massages are putting your body to work! Massage therapy aims to reduce muscle pain and tension from overworking/ compensating, improve joint flexibility and mobility, aid in the recovery of soft tissue injuries, and increase blood flow. And those are just a few of the benefits!

Aqua therapy: Aquatic physical therapy is an effective method of treating injuries or illnesses that need to be non-weight bearing. The benefit of physical therapy in water is that you can build muscle, and develop balance, flexibility, and mobility in a low-impact way.

You may also experience techniques such as floor exercises, manual therapy, motion or gait training, therapeutic ultrasound, traction, laser therapy, light therapy, joint mobilization, and much more!

Which physical therapy method or technique will you use? It all comes down to your particular medical need and the treatment plan that was developed by our team to meet that need. The good news is that you have our 25 years of expertise and skill on your side! We love what we do and we enjoy supporting you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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