Come join us for an energizing, engaging low-impact workout! Water aerobics classes at Fitness Plex are the perfect blend of resistance and cardio designed to provide a full body workout for every age and fitness level! With a fun musical beat and motivating instructors, you’ll enhance your workout routine while having a blast!

Indoor Water Aerobics Mississippi

According to the CDC, over 50% of Americans don’t get enough exercise. Now more than ever, it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle to keep our bodies healthy and strong. But traditional weights or workout classes aren’t for everyone. That’s where Fitness Plex water aerobics comes in. We have aqua fitness classes in both our indoor and outdoor pools so that you can enjoy the many benefits of water aerobics all year long! Water aerobics is a great way to get moving and stay fit, no matter your age or fitness level.

What Does Water Aerobics Do For The Body?

There are so many benefits of water fitness classes. For seniors, weight loss, weak joints and muscles, arthritis, heart health, and much more, water workout classes are an ideal workout routine.

1. Water Workouts are Low Impact
Even if you’re in good shape, running or jumping on hard surfaces can be tough on your joints. Water provides natural resistance, which means workouts can be just as challenging as their land-based counterparts – without joint pain. Water workouts are also an excellent way to ease pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and other joint conditions, as well as for pregnant women or those just getting back into shape after an injury. Plus, you may be able to do water aerobics longer or with more intensity than other types of aerobic exercise because of its low impact nature.

2. Water Aerobics Helps You Regulate Body Temperature
When you exercise on land, your body temperature rises along with your heart rate. But in the water, you’ll stay cool even as your heart rate climbs. That’s because water conducts heat away from the body faster than air does, making it an ideal workout environment when temperatures outside are soaring. Conversely, in the winter, heated water aerobics benefits the joints and muscles by offering a warm water immersion workout.

3. Water Workouts are Good for Your Muscles and Bones
Water creates drag against your body as you move through it. Every time you take a step or make a movement in water, this resistance builds muscle mass and tones muscles all over your body – especially those in your legs, backside, and core – while also strengthening bones. For people with osteoporosis or those at risk for developing it, this type of weight-bearing exercise is especially important. Since water provides resistance in every direction, you may not need weights to get a good workout. For an extra challenge, or for higher level fitness, the use of hand weights or dumbbells while doing water aerobics is beneficial. Fitness Plex can provide special aquatic exercise equipment like noodles, barbells, and weighted cuffs designed for use in water workouts.

4. Water Aerobics is Good for Heart Health
Heart-pumping aerobic exercise is great for heart health, and water aerobics is a terrific option if you have heart disease or are trying to prevent it. Research has shown that people who participate in regular aerobic exercise have lower rates of heart disease than those who don’t exercise at all. Plus, getting your heart pumping helps burn a ton of calories, making water aerobics for weight loss a huge success!

5. Workouts for People Who Don’t Like Traditional Exercise
If running on a treadmill or lifting weights at the gym isn’t your idea of fun, you likely won’t stick with it long enough to reap any benefits. Many people find that they enjoy water aerobics because it feels more like play than work, offering a welcome distraction from the fact that you’re exercising.

Water Aerobics Classes Near Me

So there you have it! Five great reasons why water aerobics just might be the workout for you! Whether you’re looking for a low-impact workout that won’t aggravate joint pain or injuries, seeking to change up your current physical fitness routine, or want a form of exercise that feels more like fun, give water aerobics a try! You might just find that water aerobics at Fitness Plex is exactly what you need to meet your goals—and have some fun while doing it!

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