Strength in Numbers: Group Fitness Classes at Fitness Plex

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In beautiful Florence, Mississippi is a haven for fitness enthusiasts who are seeking fun and engaging workouts where they can meet other people and push each other to achieve the best possible fitness results. Fitness Plex is that haven where all this can become a reality for gym-goers in Florence, MS and beyond!

Our engaging and dynamic group fitness classes offer just the right proportion of enjoyment and challenge. From dancing your stress out in our Zumba classes to working up a solid muscle tone in our Body Pump classes and everything in between, we have a little something for those in every level of fitness. Group exercise classes have long been highly touted for their effectiveness and our experienced team is here to explain exactly why fitness classes are so beneficial and popular!

Why is Exercising in a Group Better?

The benefits of taking a group fitness class are far-reaching, including various physical, mental, and social advantages. 

Physical Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are synonymous with results. When you engage in a high-energy, muscle building class, or a body strength stretching yoga class alike, you’re bound to see resulting physical improvements. Muscle tone, endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular health, and speed all increase after several sessions of group exercise. When you’re pushed to perform your very best consistently and are challenged by those around you, your body will answer, engaging in ways you might never have discovered otherwise.

Mental Benefits of Group Exercise

Some of the mental benefits of group fitness classes is that they encourage motivation and accountability through mental fortitude. When taking a group exercise class, you’re never alone in reaching your goals. The rest of the participants work to encourage your growth as you all strive toward similar goals. You will often develop a higher level of accountability, as your collective energy and effort push you to achieve the best possible results and push you past your perceived limitations. Group gym classes highlight the enjoyment and camaraderie you’ll experience while working your very hardest, which are all greatly beneficial for your mental health. You will also develop a sense of accomplishment and unearth your innate determination and resolve. Perhaps most importantly, your confidence will only increase as you consistently meet your fitness goals and learn more about your mental fortitude. 

Social Benefits of Group Exercise

Some of the most notable advantages of group exercise classes are the enjoyment and fun you’ll have in every class. Your workouts will lose their monotonous, boring feel, and instead you’ll experience an invigorated, encouraged boost from group fitness classes. These classes offer a way to meet people in your local area who are interested in similar activities. Mostly likely, you’ll form everlasting bonds while working toward common goals, forming lifelong friendships. 

Group Fitness Classes Near Me

For the best group fitness classes in Jackson, MS, and beyond, visit the Fitness Plex in Florence, MS. Our wide range of classes offer something for everyone, hitting every fitness level and preference along the way. From intense HIIT classes for the more advanced fitness junkies to mellow chair yoga for those seeking a more relaxed experience, we have it all! Click here to explore our wide range of group exercise classes, attend a class, and get ready to reap the many resulting physical, mental, and social benefits!

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