HIVAMAT Physical Therapy Near Me

When it comes to treating injuries or symptoms of chronic illnesses, physical therapy is an effective modality that can help alleviate pain, improve mobility, and promote healing. Although it requires time, patience, and dedication to see results, the relief you’ll experience is definitely worth the work! One of the latest physical therapy modalities gaining a lot of attention for its effectiveness is HIVAMAT deep oscillation therapy. Florence Rehabilitation Center utilizes this cutting-edge technology to benefit our physical therapy patients and bring much-needed symptom relief and healing. Here, we discuss how HIVAMAT works and its many benefits for those who need physical therapy.

What is HIVAMAT Therapy?

HIVAMAT stands for Histological Variable Manual Technique and is a specialized physical therapy technique that involves deep oscillation therapy to deliver vibrations to an affected area for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, lymphedema, wounds, and more. HIVAMAT is different from other treatment modalities because it targets deep tissues, which are often difficult to reach with manual therapy alone.

physical therapy with hivamat

How Does Hivamat Work?

This electrostatic field uses electromagnetic vibrations to penetrate deep into the tissues of the body and delivers therapeutic effects for various conditions such as swelling, muscular or joint pain. It can also improve lymphatic fluid circulation by promoting the healing of damaged cells. The results of a HIVAMAT treatment include decreased pain, improved circulation, and reduced swelling, accomplished through blood flow promotion and enhancement of the body’s natural healing process. 

What Can HIVAMAT Treatment Be Used For?

HIVAMAT is especially effective for those who require rehabilitation due to injuries or chronic illnesses such as tendonitis, torn muscles, or the effects of chemotherapy. HIVAMAT has been shown to be effective in treating sports injuries, chronic pain, and even lymphedema. It is also an effective option for post-surgery pain management and recovery. HIVAMAT treatments can be individualized and adjusted to meet specific patient needs and conditions, making it a versatile and customizable therapy for physical therapy clients.

HIVAMAT Therapy Benefits

There are several key benefits to using HIVAMAT as a physical therapy technique, which is why Florence Rehabilitation Center incorporates it into many treatment plans. It is a non-invasive and non-pharmacological physical therapy technique which means it avoids surgery and the use of medications. For those seeking a more natural form of treatment, this is a fantastic physical therapy solution

Another significant benefit of using HIVAMAT as a physical therapy modality is that it is safe and gentle. HIVAMAT frequency vibrations are designed to deliver a specific frequency and intensity that are well-tolerated by the specific body for which it is being used. Unlike some other forms of physical therapy, HIVAMAT is not typically painful or uncomfortable, making it perfect for injured or sensitive areas on those who have a low pain threshold.

HIVAMAT is particularly beneficial because it can be used in conjunction with other physical therapy modalities. For example, it can be used before or after other types of manual physical therapy to enhance the effectiveness of both treatments. It can also be combined with exercises or stretches to help improve mobility and range of motion.

HIVAMAT Treatment Near Me

HIVAMAT’s benefits make it a popular choice for those who are undergoing physical therapy because of injuries or chronic illnesses. Florence Rehabilitation Center offers this affordable, non-invasive treatment option to our patients as part of our rehabilitation program in Florence, MS and beyond. If you are dealing with chronic pain or an injury that requires physical therapy, HIVAMAT could be an effective treatment option. Speak with a licensed physical therapist at the Florence Rehabilitation Center to discover if HIVAMAT can be a part of your physical therapy treatment plan and how it may bring much-needed relief!

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