Pre-employment Physical Screening for Work

If you’re in the process of applying for a new job, you may be asked to undergo pre-employment physical screening tests. Prospective employers in certain industries require these tests as a part of the onboarding process. A pre-employment physical ability test or physical exam can help human resource departments ensure that you’re capable of handling the expectations of the occupation in question. 

Florence Rehabilitation Center is your go-to source for pre-employment physical exams for potential job candidates in Florence, MS and surrounding areas. Our skilled team is well-versed in pre-employment screenings and we ensure our tests are as comprehensive, straightforward, and simple as possible for both the potential employee and employer.

What is a Pre-Employment Physical?

The pre-employment medical exam is a method of ensuring that any potential job candidates have the overall health and physical capabilities necessary for the job at hand. Employers can request that all applicants complete a physical prior to offering employment.

What to Expect at a Pre-Employment Physical Screening

The specific components of a physical exam for employment differ depending on the specific industry and job. Each company also can include certain elements for assessment, as long as they fall under the scope of acceptability for a pre-employment physical. All physical screenings must comply with HIPAA and all other health law regulations, following non-discriminatory and confidential practices. For employment-related purposes, most screenings include the following elements:

  • Medical history review: A questionnaire regarding illnesses, surgeries, medications, chronic conditions, etc.
  • Physical examination: Comprehensive physical assessment by a healthcare professional.
  • Drug and alcohol testing: Urine or blood tests to detect the presence of illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • Laboratory/blood work tests: Blood tests to check for conditions like diabetes, cholesterol levels, or infectious diseases, sometimes including tuberculosis (TB) or respiratory function tests.
  • Vaccination review: Ensuring current immunizations relevant to the job or industry, for example, those that involve potential exposure to infectious diseases.
  • Functional assessments specific to the industry: Some occupations require specific physical capabilities. In such cases, functional assessments may be conducted to evaluate your ability to perform specific tasks. These may include manual handling tests, balance assessments, or grip strength tests.

Low Cost Work Physicals Near Me

At Florence Rehabilitation Center, we have been conducting pre-screening physicals for decades. Over the years, we’ve received some common questions, such as what reasons would you fail a pre employment physical? Does a pre employment physical include a drug test? Who pays for pre-employment physical exams? What can be asked in a pre-employment physical? These are all pertinent questions and it’s important to understand the process before completing such screenings. That’s why our team ensures that if you select FRC as your clinic for your physical, you’ll have the most comfortable, comprehensive, and informative screening possible. Contact our professional healthcare team at Florence Rehabilitation Center today for an appointment!

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