Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Center

Sports injuries can be devastating for athletes both physically and emotionally. Coping with the pain of an injury, missing your favorite activity, and staying positive during the recovery process often takes a toll. Anyone who exercises consistently, runs, or plays sports, knows how important it is to get back to your pre-injury condition as quickly as you’re safely able. Finding the right physical therapy program is an important element of a successful recovery and preventing injuries from occurring in the future. The Florence Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive, effective approach to sports injury rehabilitation that will get you back in the game with minimal downtime.

What is Sports Injury Physical Therapy?

Sports injury rehabilitation is designed to help athletes and active exercises recover from injuries and return to your pre-injury state or even enhanced performance. Our experienced physical therapists provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient that includes goals and methods for achieving those objectives. 

Physical therapy for sports injuries may include manual therapy, strength training, flexibility exercises, massage therapy, balance training, and more. These methods are selected for their ability to reduce pain and inflammation. At our facility, we may also utilize aquatic therapy, using water resistance as an effective way to rehabilitate injury site areas and muscles without excessive strain on joints and bones. Some other physical therapy methods we may use with you include neuromuscular re-education and electrical stimulation modalities to achieve maximum results quickly and safely. The goal is to restore strength, mobility, and flexibility, as well as increase range of motion and balance. All of these components are necessary parts of healing and returning to pre-injury ability.

Physical Therapy for Athletes: What We Treat

At Florence Rehabilitation Center, our team offers a wide range of physical therapy treatments for sports and activity injuries. We work with conditions such as strains, sprains, dislocations, fractures, acute sports injuries, and more. Our sports physical therapists at Florence Rehabilitation Center also provide rehabilitation treatment for muscle, tendon, and ligament repairs.

Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Recovery Florence, MS

Sports injury physical therapy is an essential part of any athlete’s recovery process after suffering an injury. At Florence Rehabilitation Center we create comprehensive treatment plans personalized specifically for each patient’s injury and recovery needs. We consistently apply evidence-based treatments and our team regularly attends training to stay current on cutting-edge approaches to rehabilitation for sports injuries. Many of our highly trained physiotherapists specialize in sports injury rehabilitation

When you have physical therapy at Florence Rehabilitation Center, you are getting more than just healing, you are also receiving education about how best to prevent future injuries. You’ll learn techniques such as stretching before and after activities, strengthening exercises for your sport or activity, nutrition tips, and rest and recovery methods for post-training or competition. Our primary objective is for anyone who comes in for treatment at Florence Rehabilitation Center to leave with knowledge about staying healthy for many years down the road. Florence Rehabilitation Center is the best place to start on your road to recovery. We’re waiting to meet you!

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