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When your child is in need of physical therapy for an injury or illness, the Florence Rehabilitation Center is here to help. We specialize in pediatric rehabilitation physical therapy, helping children of all ages build strength, adjust to and overcome physical limitations, and improve their overall quality of life. We offer a variety of services to ensure that we provide comprehensive support in your child’s recovery or adjustment process. Our team of highly qualified therapists works with you and your family every step of the way to ensure that your child receives specialized care tailored to their individual needs. 

Children’s Rehabilitation Services Facility

For parents of children suffering from physical injuries or illness, the thought of taking their child in for physical therapy can be daunting. Questions like “What is pediatric rehabilitation physical therapy?” and “Where should we take our child for the best care?” are common. The Florence Rehabilitation Center specializes in providing high-quality, comprehensive rehabilitation services for children of all ages and abilities. We want to make sure that every parent knows why they should bring their child to our center for pediatric rehabilitation physical therapy.

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What Is Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy for Kids?

Pediatric rehabilitation physical therapy helps kids from birth to young adulthood develop or regain strength, mobility, and overall quality of life after an injury or illness. From early intervention services such as aquatic therapy and casting/bracing support to later stages like wheelchair mobility training and vision or speech retraining, we provide comprehensive care tailored specifically to each child’s unique needs and goals. After reviewing your child’s prescription or referral, our skilled therapists work with your child to create a plan that will help them reach their maximum potential as thoroughly and quickly as possible. 

We utilize a wide range of techniques such as exercises, stretching, strengthening exercises, therapeutic massage, and therapeutic activities. Our licensed physical therapists for children also may use advanced technology such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, aquatic therapy, hot/cold packs, kinesiology taping, manual techniques, therapeutic exercises, balance/coordination activities, and more!  Our team also focuses on addressing any abilities that your child may either need to learn to adapt for everyday function or improve through therapy. With pediatric rehab physical therapy, the goal is always to help your child achieve greater independence, movement, and function.

Why Visit Florence Rehabilitation Center for Pediatric Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy?

At Florence Rehabilitation Center, we understand that each child and patient is unique and requires special attention. We strive to provide the highest quality care in a comfortable atmosphere where your child feels safe, supported, and encouraged while healing. Our pediatric rehabilitation physical therapists are highly trained in working with young patients and utilize cutting edge technology and techniques to help them reach their fullest potential. We also offer family education and support throughout the entire process so that you, as their primary caregiver, have the tools you need to continue helping your child recover at home.

Our compassionate therapists are experienced in treating a variety of conditions including but not limited to developmental delays, neurological disorders, sports injuries, orthopedic problems, congenital deformities, and traumatic brain injuries, to name a few. Our team utilizes an integrated approach, combining traditional therapies with modern technology such as Assistive Technology (AT) and Medical Training Services (MTS). Our goal is always focused on improving both functional performance and quality of life for every child we see at Florence Rehabilitation Center!

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